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The Hospitality, Gaming and Leisure practice brings a wealth of hands-on, seasoned expertise and a wide range of services to owners, lenders, investors and other stakeholders. We have expertise across all industry types, including hotel, resort, casino, time shares and condo/hotels. Our extensive experience in operational re-alignment, asset and interim management, strategic analysis and event-readiness (e.g. IPO, receivership, bankruptcy) uniquely allows us to preserve, protect and enhance asset value.

Unbalanced growth and a challenging business environment remain the biggest opposition to recovery of our industry, and we are ready to help guide our clients through the critical decision points to build and preserve enterprise value together.

Our Industry Offerings

Performance Enhancement/Operational Alignment

Whether from an owner or lender point of view, FTI Consulting provides detailed independent analysis, along with comparative benchmarking to identify opportunities to enhance performance and reduce costs.  Our team’s deep experience running, financing and assessing hotel, gaming and leisure operations provides clients with much needed insight, best practice and innovative strategies to provide a third-party viewpoint on all aspects of operations.  Our active, on the ground management experience working hands-on with operators and managers allow our professionals to bring real-life solutions to the table and help create maximum value for stakeholders.

Our Service Offerings

  • Strategy evaluation
  • Competitive/market positioning
  • Revenue and expense benchmarking
  • Labour & staffing analysis
  • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Business plan and forecast/budget assessment
  • Management contract review and negotiation

Restructuring, Turnaround & Strategy Evaluation

Today, many property owners and lenders face the challenges of maturing debt, complex capital structures, and differing opinions of value and projected cash flow.  Responding to troubled loans and market changes is challenging for all parties.  Our team has deep experience in determining the optimal strategy, leading negotiations and restructuring decisions in complex scenarios with multi-stakeholder demands. We have been involved in the restructure of numerous portfolio and single-asset companies, both on a domestic and international scale, utilising our on-the-ground local expertise across various jurisdictions as required.

Our Service Offerings

  • Company-Owner/Secured Lender/Unsecured Creditor advisory services
  • Strategy evaluation
  • Valuation
  • Re-financing and restructure of debt
  • Asset disposition – marketing, management, administration
  • Strategic communications



Interim/Asset Management/Receivership/CRO

FTI’s Hospitality, Gaming and Leisure professionals have held management roles across a range of different scenarios, including as the court-appointed Receiver for a portfolio of hotels in North America, Asset Manager for single asset hotels and as CRO on numerous hotel engagements.  Our team possesses the necessary on-the-ground expertise and hands-on experience to act as interim/asset manager, helping clients manoeuvre through unique situations and challenges to mitigate losses and maximise enterprise value.  

Our Service Offerings

  • Asset management
  • Liquidation consulting
  • Valuation
  • Business plan/budget development
  • Receiver duties, including fiduciary reporting to court/and or creditors
  • Review & negotiation of contracts/agreements/staffing

IPO Advisory

Our professionals are fully apprised of the significance of the decision to go public via an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) and the detailed preparation and steps required to successfully execute on this plan.  The myriad of issues and problems that must be addressed to achieve a successful offering require the involvement of an experienced advisor. FTI Consulting brings strategic support and tactical execution experience, directing and supporting company’s management to address issues and identify milestones as it prepares for IPO. FTI Consulting has been the advisor of choice in multiple IPO Readiness projects in the hospitality space, successfully preparing our clients for their journey from preliminary planning through effective date.

Our Service Offerings

  • Verification that IPO is the right step in your company's development
  • Identification of strategic alternatives, if required. e.g. Joint venture, strategic investors, sale or merger opportunities
  • IPO readiness assessment including:
    • Valuation services
    • Review of company financials
    • Evaluation of business and financial processes and infrastructure
    • Evaluation of corporate structure and governance capabilities
    • Executive compensation planning/staffing adequacy
    • Internal controls assessment with respect to Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Project management office including communications
  • Underwriter selection
  • Registration process assistance
  • Financial outsourcing and interim management
  • Positioning organisation for success after effective date

Litigation Support/Dispute Resolution/Expert Testimony

Our experienced global team provides valuable insight and clarity to our clients, advising during every stage of a contested matter, from early case assessment and discovery to case strategy, damages analysis and settlement services.  FTI Consulting professionals are highly skilled at communicating our findings through expert testimony in various settings, including in local and national courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Our professionals have testified in multiple cases regarding a broad range of industry-specific matters from breaches of management contacts to restructuring feasibility matters.

Our Service Offerings

  • Expert testimony/expert reports
  • Deposition preparation
  • Document review
  • Mediation proceedings
  • Arbitration services
  • Damages analysis & mitigation
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)



Transaction Advisory Services, Acquisition & Due Diligence

Representing buyers, sellers and lenders, FTI Consulting professional’s are well-equipped to lead our clients through an entire transaction life cycle, offering comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. Our Property team’s un-paralleled understanding of hospitality, gaming and leisure operations serves as great leverage for our deal professionals team to critically assess the marketplace, advise our clients on strategies and evaluate investment opportunities to achieve their goals.

Our Service Offerings

  • Market- and property-level review
  • Target search and screen
  • Investment thesis development
  • Valuation services
  • Integrated strategic and stakeholder communications
  • Due diligence (financial, commercial, operational, IT investigative, tax) evaluation of risk/return prospects
  • Merger integration services
  • Growth strategy development

Strategic Communication

FTI Consulting is able to employ its extensive network of vital relationships with influential players in the industry to counsel clients across this sector to advise management teams in critical situations. We use these valuable connections to create a tailored approach to planning and implementing messages that help our clients achieve strategic goals and enhance, develop and defend their enterprise value.

Our Service Offerings

  • Corporate communications
  • Financial communications
  • Public affairs
  • Creative engagement
  • Strategy Consulting & Research

Capital Markets Advisory & Strategy Evaluation

For property owners, operators, investors and developers considering their strategic alternatives, today’s market provides unprecedented challenges and opportunities. FTI Consulting professionals have the broad-based experience necessary to facilitate transactions, representing fledgling investment funds, identifying capital partners and selling/re-financing hospitality assets.

Our Service Offerings

  • Asset, debt & portfolio acquisition
  • Disposition and capital structure advisory
  • Underwriting & due diligence
  • Closing pro-rations
  • Quality of earnings reports

Dispute Advisory Services for the Hotel, Hospital and Gaming Industries

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