Corporate Communications

FTI Consulting provides global, national and regional solutions for our clients’ mission-critical communications needs. We help clients build and enhance their leadership position, achieve tangible returns by managing reputation and stakeholder perceptions, protect licence to operate and grow business with new communications techniques and media channels.

Business-to-Business Communications

Our communications expertise and industry-sector knowledge provide the foundation for helping clients develop a differentiated business narrative through a variety of media, including:

  • Business and trade media
  • Speechwriting and speaking opportunities, including organising industry events and conferences
  • Thought leadership campaigns

Leadership Communications

FTI Consulting helps the media and other key stakeholders recognise our clients as leaders in their business sectors. Further, we help CEOs, management team members and board members create tailored communications strategies that marry their individual strengths with market opportunities.

FTI Consulting helps senior management create and reinforce influential and distinct reputations. Client services include:

  • Strategy and messaging workshops
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Integrated media campaigns
  • Industry events and conferences
  • Creative engagement strategies, including social media and online influencer relations

Corporate Branding & Positioning

We help management teams translate vision and strategy into a tangible corporate brand and convey the company’s mission and plan in a way that inspires stakeholder support. From strategic advice to project-based services, we work with you on all aspects of your brand strategy, creating unique, impactful platforms that deliver accelerated brand awareness and loyalty at global, national and regional levels. Our services include consumer, internal and industry research, complete corporate brand articulation, management workshops, identity design and brand communications services.

Strategic Media Relations

We integrate traditional and digital media outreach strategies to maximise the impact and range of financial and corporate narratives. Through a mix of earned, paid, corporate and social media, we ensure our clients’ messages influence key stakeholders, protect and build reputations and improve the visibility of the company and its leaders.

Issues, Crisis & Litigation Communications

When clients face reputational challenges, our team acts quickly to neutralise attacks or mitigate the situation, protecting an organisation's valuation, credibility and reputation.  

Our services include:

  • 24/7 on-site counsel
  • Critical media relations: dealing with threatened negative media exposure
  • Stakeholder communications: maintaining and bolstering support and neutralising criticism among both internal and external stakeholders communities
  • Crisis preparedness: reputational threat assessments, crisis planning and team testing
  • Issues management: mitigating potential problems through third-party engagement or organisational change
  • Dispute and litigation communications: ensuring your position is understood by those who matter, without additional legal exposure
  • Online reputation management: effective engagement during a challenge and the repairing of your search engine rankings afterwards


Employee Engagement & Change Communications

We help clients drive business performance by developing internal programmes that improve employee alignment with their goals, strategies and the drivers of reputation. Whether there’s a need to embed a new vision, integrate a merger or acquisition, restructure in response to changing markets or roll-out a new brand experience – we can help you engage and inspire your people through impactful communications.

Specialised services we provide in support of employee engagement and change communications include:

  • Employee research to gauge awareness, understanding and support of organisational direction, brand strategy and positioning
  • Comprehensive audits to determine effectiveness of communications channels, methods and messages
  • Communications programmes and infrastructure development, including message architecture, leadership connections and employee experiences through targeted channels and events
  • Tracking studies to assess progress


Media & Presentation Coaching

We provide clients with the interview techniques they need to best represent themselves and their organisation to the media and to present to other important audiences. Our teams, led by respected former broadcast and print journalists, tailor training to each client’s needs.

Corporate Responsibility

We help clients articulate their core values and translate them into practical policies. Our corporate responsibility (CR) specialists develop clear targets and systems to monitor compliance. We also conceptualise, design and distribute industry-leading CR reports.

As stakeholders continue to demand more visibility of companies' environmental and sustainability efforts, the team provides counsel and support, including client and competitor audits and development of thought leadership campaigns.

Corporate Consumerism

Our experts help clients create and run communications campaigns that build consumer support for the corporate mission. Our knowledge of consumer markets, informed by market-leading research and insights, has helped clients reposition more than 150 consumer brands.

Customer Insight

Our research tools allow us to develop insights that clients can use to improve sales, find new markets and reduce customer acquisition costs. Services provided include:

  • Data gathering among both end users and distribution channel members
  • Advanced qualitative and quantitative research to understand needs, attitudes, usage, end-user experience and value propositions
  • Economic, database and strategic models that link insights to value
  • Product development and concept testing

Marketing & Communications Performance Measurement

FTI Consulting works with clients to measure the effectiveness of marketing programmes and allocate resources accordingly. We achieve this by:

  • Message testing to understand what is being said, how and to whom
  • Advanced analysis to measure the relative impact of product features, brand, messaging, experience, channel, price and other levers
  • Analysis of survey results, social media and sales and customer relationship management data

Creative Engagement Solutions

Our award-winning team conceives, designs and implements communications, branding and marketing solutions across all communications channels to help clients reach their strategic goals. Client services include:

  • Advertising and corporate communications
  • Website and application design and development
  • Digital and print reports and collateral
  • Social media strategies and engagement
  • Content optimisation, including search engine optimisation (SEO) and reverse SEO
  • Performance measurement, analytics and dashboards
  • Video and multimedia strategies and production
  • Integrated branding and marketing
  • Paid media strategies for digital, print and outdoor

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